PTC plan for the coming decade is to supply hand-stripped and threshed leaf to regional customers then International manufacturers. To successfully meet this goal, PTC contracts with some 2000 smallholders farmers in Uganda and Congo. Because both areas are few days'drive from Kigali, PTC is also looking into developing domestic production.

To help market it's leaf internationally, the company recentely entered into an agreement with Newco Leaf, a dynamic international company tobacco merchant registered in Singapore. Richard Dendy, an experienced tobacco specialist and Newco's African representative have begun to oversee plenty of opportunity for PTC's tobaccos on the world market.

PTC's plan is to produce acceptable volumes by growing 5 million to 6 million Kg in due course in order to have enough volumes for initial marketing. It is possible to make a name for Rwandan tobaccos and this project success mean more factory jobs in Kigali and greater financial security for thousands of farmers in Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. By bringing regionally grown tobaccos to the world, PTC,through Newco, will help sustain Rwanda's economic recovery as the country relentlessly moves out of the shadow of its horrific past.